Sunday, November 11, 2007

Faith in Science II

A follow up article with a twist on Scientific faith citing how SETI is claimed by some as an example of how modern science also relies on blind faith. A retraction proves that SETI is not blind faith or hope (theismistic), but analogous to researching for a cure of cancer or similar quests. Coming soon.

Long S

The history and etymology of the Integration symbol in Calculus. A funny anecdote from Shakespeare about the same.

Time to Singularity

A one line definition of time and space. Some thoughts about time as perceived from an external frame of reference (or similar). Coming soon.

Harvard Comma

An article on the Harvard Comma, its usage example and a funny joke related to it. Coming soon.

Energy as Currency

Coming soon.

Writeup about how stored energy in the form of cells (?), plasmoids, or something similar could be used as world currency in the future. This would pretty much eliminate any inflation, exchange rate, gold reserve related issues. Currently researching, please come back later for the final article.